The South African Hellenic Educational and Technical Institute (SAHETI) established a school in 1974 in Senderwood, Johannesburg. This was done by a group of founders under the leadership of Advocate George Bizos.

Their vision, drawing on Isocrates’s maxim that he who partakes of Hellenic learning is an Hellene, was to establish a school which would provide an excellent modern education whilst inculcating the ethos and values of Hellenism. These include the right to freedom, equality, democracy and citizenship, and other well known Hellenic ideals, such as friendship, "philoxenia", "filotimo" and camaraderie. Some 35 years later, SAHETI ranks amongst the finest independent schools in South Africa.

This non-racial, multi-ethnic English medium school has, from the outset, sought to embrace all communities within South Africa and the world in general, resulting in a learner body comprising 26 different ethnicities.

It welcomes and strongly encourages admission of learners from the differing cultures which enhance the richness of our diverse South African society. A distinct characteristic of the school is that of a caring community, where every boy and girl feels a sense of belonging.

At the core of SAHETI’s ethos is our school motto, founded in ancient Greek thought, “Know Thyself”. Building on this basic requirement for success, we pride ourselves on producing young people who are confident, independent thinkers and keen team workers equipped to face a changing world.