A vibrant, happy environment is what characterizes SAHETI Primary School. The focus is on innovative teaching, which constantly challenges the enquiring mind and promotes creative thinking. Every opportunity is used to make the curriculum more meaningful, through special themed projects and “Learning in Context” days. Pupils work on set topics which require practical application of mathematical and other concepts, responding with creativity and enthusiasm.

A solid values system ensures that the development of confident individuals and a positive self-esteem is balanced by respect, tolerance and empathy for others. Thus the foundation is laid for fulfilling relationships with peers and a meaningful participation in the broader society. Outreach activities, which include regular fundraising activities and visits to institutions are embraced with the characteristic SAHETI energy.

Passionate teaching staff forms the backbone of this enriched educational experience. Pupils are supported intellectually but also emotionally through caring and trust, which promotes communication between teachers and pupils. Close parental involvement is strongly encouraged in their child’s progress and personal development.